Turbo CIS: Tichawa Vision introduces the world“s fastest line camera system at Vision 2014

Turbo CIS: Tichawa Vision introduces the world

Tichawa Vision exhibits at the Vision 2014 in Stuttgart in hall 1, booth H42

Friedberg, 13 October 2014. At this year“s Vision in Stuttgart November 4th through 6th, Tichawa Vision GmbH, an expert in the development and production of high-precision CIS Contact Image Sensors, presents the new turbo CIS for the first time. Thanks to its proprietary double line sensor, the Turbo CIS or VS/VT CIS reaches a line rate of up to 250 kHz at 300 dpi resolution, making it the world“s fastest line camera system for industrial product control. As high resolution, line scan acquisition speed requirements increase for a broad array of web production products – such as printed images, coated films, and foil, for example – the new Turbo CIS can produce exceptional quality image data at speeds approaching 21 m/sec (833 in/sec). The Turbo CIS will be available during the first quarter of 2015.

„After the intensive development and testing phase, we are excited to present the extremely fast Turbo CIS to the vision industry for the first time. As the premiere trade fair for vision technology, Vision 2014 is the perfect venue for introducing our breakthrough technology to the marketplace“, says Dr. Nikolaus Tichawa, CEO at Tichawa Vision GmbH. Tichawa Vision continuously refines its CIS Contact Image Sensors based on Low-Distance-Image-Sensor-Technology and offers a comprehensive product range of industrial image processing systems used in a broad array of applications and diverse markets. With this latest development of the high-performance and fast VS/VT CIS line camera system, Tichawa Vision once again demonstrates its leading position for CIS products and technology.

How does Tichawa“s CIS Contact Image Sensor work?
CIS systems consist of a reading line, a lens and a light source integrated into a single, amazingly small package. They work with an aspect ratio of 1:1 and as a result CIS systems are manufactured in lengths required to span the entire scan width as big as the original and located above the object to be scanned at a working distance of eight to 14 millimeters. A linear optical array made of staggered GRIN lenses are utilized and provide a close working distance of between 8 to 14 millimeters. Each and every single lens depicts a small area of the object. The specific overlapping of the individual display details creates a sharp image with a heliocentric lens perspective across the entire scan width. CCD or CMOS sensors are used, which can be mounted in a shifted or direct way. „The essential features of the CIS such as dark noise, peak response non-uniformity and dynamic range correspond with standard line cameras, but without any compromise regarding spatial resolution and luminous efficacy“, Dr. Nikolaus Tichawa explains. The CIS can be manufactured in lengths of up to 4.1 meters and, because of their compact size and short working distance, can be incorporated into equipment and systems which have physical envelope constraints that cannot accommodate traditional line scan camera deployment.

Contact Image Sensors are often equipped with an application specific mix of different LED s. In this way, the gap of the fractal spectrum, an often occurring and unwelcome effect with line cameras, is avoided and an optimal spectral behavior is ensured. Measurements with Munsell color charts show that Contact Image Sensors deviate significantly less from the desired values than conventional, trilinear line cameras. Hyperspectral requirements can be addressed using NIR LEDs and the capability to capture more than three spectral channels.

Additionally, a variety of lighting types and configurations can be implemented in a CIS. These include single and double sided diffuse illumination, as well as coaxial illumination. By controlled pulsing of the LEDs multiple images with different scene lighting can be captured.

Visit Tichawa Vision at the Vision 2014 in Stuttgart from 4 to 6 November in hall 1, booth H42!

About Tichawa Vision:
Since the founding in 1991 Tichawa Vision has focused on the development, manufacturing and distribution of camera technologies for industrial image processing for the purpose of surface inspection and product control. Tichawa is a global market leader in the field of contact image sensors (CIS).

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